Silhouettes of three Paralympic athletes performing with text Rising Phoenix from Netflix
Cover of Dragon Masters: The Call of the Sound Dragon

Scholastic’s Dragon Masters Brings a Character who is Blind to Life in The Call of the Sound Dragon

For all of the parents and families of children who are blind or low vision, I want to introduce you to a new book in the Dragon Masters series. If you haven’t heard of the series yet, you should, because it offers short adventures through an imaginative mythical world filled with children paired with magical … Continued

Erik Weheinmayer Employment Interview

You might know it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and I was offered the opportunity to share some information with you. I manage the American Foundation for the Blind’s CareerConnect program. APH CareerConnect is a career exploration, job seeking skills, navigating the employment process, and e-mentoring web program. You might guess that I am … Continued

Parents and Family Members are Teachers, Too! Resources From APH CareerConnect

The fact is, whether your child is being homeschooled or is in public or private education, parents and family members are teachers, too. Teachers in the schools only have so many hours with your child, and the rest of the time they are typically with family. In either case, I have some easy ready-made lessons … Continued

Camp Abilities Brockport, NY: Part 2

On my first evening, I got the opportunity to go around and visit with the different evening activities, which allows the participants to choose what they do. There was fishing, boating, kayaking, basketball, roller blading, soccer, and exert-games. Yes, exert-games, this is a term used for video games that are based around fitness and movement. … Continued

Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day: “Suit Up, Head Out, and Get Your Work On!”

Editorial Note: in honor of the upcoming 20th annual Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day on April 25, 2013, we asked Joe Strechay to reflect on this opportunity for parents, guardians, and mentors to introduce our children who are blind or visually impaired to the world of work. Some of my earliest memories … Continued