Catching Up With The Homework Hotline

Editor’s note: This post was by Monique Coleman, President; VISTAS Education Partners; Director, National Homework Hotline-BVI; Adjunct Instructor, San Francisco State University. Join Monique and colleagues for a webinar about the National Homework Hotline on March 18 at 5:00PM ET. Register here. Imagine wrapping up your last zoom meeting of the day to find out that your child is … Continued

Working Together to Provide Meaningful Health Education to Students with Visual Impairments

Editor’s note: This blog post was written by Stacy Kelly, Ed.D and Gaylen Kapperman, Ed.D. of Northern Illinois University. They will join us for a webinar on February 17 at 3:00PM ET. Visit the APH ConnectCenter webinars page to learn more and register. Parent-professional partnerships make a difference for students who are blind or have low … Continued

It’s My Job – A student-directed career-exploration podcast

Editor’s note: This blog was written by Christine DaLee – Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind; Colorado Springs, Colorado Adults with visual impairments have varied and interesting careers, and who better to investigate and share with us about those careers than students who are also blind or visually impaired? The It’s My Job podcast is one … Continued

Is Your Child Ready for a Canine Buddy?

by Jane Flower, Youth Outreach Specialist at Guide Dogs for the Blind While our primary guide dog programs serve adults, Guide Dogs for the Blind also seeks out ways to engage youth who are blind or visually impaired wherever possible. Our two programs, K9 Buddies and Camp GDB, were developed to provide kids and their … Continued


The following is an edited excerpt from Now I See: A Journey of Prophecy, Pain, and Purpose ©2019 by Vera Jones Chapter 8 – I CAN The dorm supervisor came in and began to explain how Andrew would be expected to make his bed, clean his room, and would share in the other rotating dorm … Continued

WEBINAR: How Can Parents and Caregivers of Students with Visual Impairments Make Certain that their Student Receives Meaningful Sex Education Instruction?

Date: October 29, 2020 Time: 3:30 – 5:00 pm EST Description: The American Printing House for the Blind (APH), in consultation with professionals in the field of visual impairment and blindness, has published a Health Education Guidebook specifically designed to be used by teachers of students who are visually impaired. The manual includes the following units: Diet and … Continued

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