The APH ConnectCenter Launches – The APH ConnectCenter Transition Hub

Our APH ConnectCenter staff have been busy this summer with updates to our websites and planning new resources for our FamilyConnect and APH CareerConnect families.  August is an exciting time here at the APH ConnectCenter as we reveal our new rebranded websites (FamilyConnect, APH CareerConnect, and VisionAware).  We are also launching a new website: APH ConnectCenter Transition Hub. Our new look is dynamic, high contrast with our websites still offering a wealth of curated resources on … Continued

Transitions: Bread, Rice, or Tostada – Cultural Inclusion at The Transition Table, Part 4: Cake

Editor’s note: This blog, written by: Jovany Barba, is the fourth and final blog of a four-part series exploring the importance of incorporating cultural diversity in transition planning. This week Jovany, a first-generation Latinx American, shares the experience of navigating the tensions between their parents’, teachers’, and own expectations of transition and independence. The APH ConnectCenter wants to thank all the authors for sharing their stories … Continued

Transitions: Bread, Rice, or Tostada: Cultural Inclusion at The Transition Table, Part 3: Leafy Vegetables

Editor’s note: This blog, written by: Ann Wai-Yee Kwong, is the third of a four-part blog series. This piece features the narrative of a Chinese American youth finding balance between her parents expecting her to attend college immediately upon graduation and her teachers encouraging her to first master independent living and blindness skills. The APH ConnectCenter wants to thank all the authors for sharing their stories with … Continued

Transitions: Bread, Rice, or Tostada: Cultural Inclusion at The Transition Table, Part 2: A Cup of Coffee

Editor’s Note: In the second installment of our four-part blog series, Daisy the daughter of Mexican immigrants shares her experience of wrestling with forging a path forward when her parents expected her to stay near the family but her teachers expected her to pursue a more independent lifestyle. Read the full article here Bread, Rice, or Tostada: Cultural … Continued

Low Vision Exam. What is it? Who Needs it?  What comes next?

Editor’s note: Join us on June 15, 2021, @ 12:30 pm (EST), for the second of two webinars in which Dr. Alexis G. Malkin, OD, FAAO, and David Bradburn from HumanWare will provide an overview of assistive technology and services that help people with low vision perform everyday tasks. Using the state of Massachusetts as an example, the presenters will illustrate the needs, available services, and funding for 3 different groups, namely: … Continued

Transitions: Bread, Rice, or Tostada – Cultural Inclusion at The Transition Table- Part 1: Why It Matters

Editor’s note: Transitions: Bread, Rice, or Tostada – Cultural Inclusion at The Transition Table- Part 1: Why It Matters, written by: Ann Wai-Yee Kwong, Daisy Soto, Jovany Barba, explores the importance of taking diversity into consideration during transition planning for blind and low-vision youth. This is also available on APH CareerConnect.  Click here to read the full article.  Part 1: Why It Matters  Bread, … Continued

Thriving is Better Than Surviving: My journey to raising successful, resilient, and courageous blind children

by Kristin Smedley I spent nine months memorizing What to Expect When You’re Expecting. In my pregnancy, everything the book said to expect happened at or before the timeframe it predicted.  My baby grew inside me at the perfect rate, made all the right movements perfectly on schedule, and even arrived into the world in perfect health and with a perfect little … Continued

Catching Up With The Homework Hotline

Editor’s note: This post was by Monique Coleman, President; VISTAS Education Partners; Director, National Homework Hotline-BVI; Adjunct Instructor, San Francisco State University. Join Monique and colleagues for a webinar about the National Homework Hotline on March 18 at 5:00PM ET. Register here. Imagine wrapping up your last zoom meeting of the day to find out that your child is … Continued

Working Together to Provide Meaningful Health Education to Students with Visual Impairments

Editor’s note: This blog post was written by Stacy Kelly, Ed.D and Gaylen Kapperman, Ed.D. of Northern Illinois University. They will join us for a webinar on February 17 at 3:00PM ET. Visit the APH ConnectCenter webinars page to learn more and register. Parent-professional partnerships make a difference for students who are blind or have low … Continued

It’s My Job – A student-directed career-exploration podcast

Editor’s note: This blog was written by Christine DaLee – Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind; Colorado Springs, Colorado Adults with visual impairments have varied and interesting careers, and who better to investigate and share with us about those careers than students who are also blind or visually impaired? The It’s My Job podcast is one … Continued