Is Your Child Ready for a Canine Buddy?

by Jane Flower, Youth Outreach Specialist at Guide Dogs for the Blind While our primary guide dog programs serve adults, Guide Dogs for the Blind also seeks out ways to engage youth who are blind or visually impaired wherever possible. Our two programs, K9 Buddies and Camp GDB, were developed to provide kids and their … Continued

Cooking with Kait: Veggie Spaghetti

Editor’s note: This blog post was written by daughter-mother team, Kait and Meghan Stott, who were featured in the previous blog, Mother and Daughter Share a Love of Cooking and Holiday Traditions. Cooking, making meals for loved ones and friends, is a huge tradition in our family and something I have been sharing with my … Continued

New Year, New Goals (In Your Role as Grandparent, Aunt, or Uncle of a Child Who is Visually Impaired)

Grandma and Grandpa (AKA “Abuela”, “Gigi”, “Grammy”, “Nana”, “Abuelo”, “Papa”, “Partner”) and Auntie and Uncle (Tía or Tío), this blog is for you.   You have an important role in the life of your grandchild, niece, or nephew who is blind or visually impaired.  You may spend ample time with them; or you may wish you had a more … Continued

Reading Aloud to Help Your Child Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired Develop Empathy

It seems empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, is something we could all use a bit more of today.  Wouldn’t it be a far healthier place if we could recognize, care about, and express concern over each other’s feelings and experiences, no matter our differences? All relationships (familial, neighborly, friendships, peer, coworker, … Continued


Everyone loves a birthday party! Our hearts are filled with joy as we celebrate life accomplishments. As members of the blind and low vision community January 4th is a day of celebration for us. If he were alive, Louis Braille would have been celebrating his 211th birthday. He only lived on this earth 43 years, during that short time he changed the lives of blind and low vision children and adults forever.   On … Continued

Organization of Your Visually Impaired Child’s Living and Learning Spaces

Well organized living and learning spaces will support your child’s safety in moving about the environment, will enhance her independence, and will help them simplify responsibilities and tasks. Imagine a typical morning routine void of methods of organization: Your child wakes with limited time to ready themselves for school. Your child brushes their teeth and … Continued

Silhouettes of three Paralympic athletes performing with text Rising Phoenix from Netflix

Active Learning – an Empowering Approach to Teaching Young Children with Visual Impairments

Editor’s note: Author Julia Bowman and her counterpart Sara Edwards, TVI’s, DT/Vision Specialists and Evaluator in the IL Early Intervention Program, and her counterpart Sara Edwards, will present “Empowering Children and Families Through Active Learning,” in a webinar on December 14 at 2:00PM ET. Click here to register. What is active learning? Rather than a single … Continued