Quality Assurance Supervisor

Organization: Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired: Virginia Industries for the Blind

Posted: 2020/09/14

This position reports to the Chief Executive Officer and will assure conformance to contractual and non-contractual quality objectives in the manufacturing process by the daily scheduling, coordinating, supervising, and implementing the ISO Quality operations of the group using the documented ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Program for the and Richmond Plants. The incumbent will have a close interaction with the Plant Manager to monitor the production schedule. Quality operations include but are not limited to receiving inspection, in-process inspection, final inspection, tool and standard control and calibration, preparation of product quality certification packages and reports, and ISO auditing of assigned manufacturing processes. Another core responsibility of this role will be to schedule product testing that is performed by outside agencies as requested and required by contracts. This position also functions as the Health and Safety Coordinator in the plant and ensures compliance with Virginia OSHA and workers’ compensation guidelines through employee safety training, implementing improvements in health and safety programs, managing records and reports, and performing safety audits.
Certified integrated position.



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