American Academy of Ophthalmology

General Information

American Academy of Ophthalmology
655 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 561 8500

Brief Description

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons. A global community of 32,000 medical doctors, we protect sight and empower lives by setting the standards for ophthalmic education and advocating for our patients and the public. We innovate to advance our profession and to ensure the delivery of the highest-quality eye care.

The Academy's EyeSmart® website provides eye health education and news for the public at

The Academy's EyeCare America program, one of the country’s leading public service programs, provides eye care through a pool of nearly 6,000 volunteer ophthalmologists. Since 1985, EyeCare America has helped more than 1.8 million people. Ninety percent of the care provided is at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient.

Services Offered

  • Professional Training
    • Provides continuing education to ophthalmologists.

  • Education Services
    • The Academy's EyeSmart® website educates the public about the importance of eye health and empowers them to preserve healthy vision. Through EyeSmart, we provide the most trusted and medically accurate information about eye diseases, conditions and injuries, free of charge.