San Diego Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired

General Information

San Diego Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired
5922 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 583 1542


Kim Gibbens, Executive Director,

Services Offered

  • Counseling
    • Offers individual, group, family, and outreach counseling.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Provides training in activities of daily living, keyboarding, computer skills, resource information, sensory awareness, kitchen skills, and transition to community.

  • Travel/Orientation and Mobility
    • Orientation and mobility training with certified orientation and mobility specialists who teach techniques so that individuals are able to safely and confidently navigate the environment

  • Braille and Reading Instruction
    • Offers instruction in braille.

  • Computer Training/Assistive Technology
    • Evaluations and training to determine which computer software and other technology may be beneficial for each individual

  • Support Groups
    • Offers a number of support groups to assist individuals as they move into a more independent lifestyle

  • Health
    • Offers fun-filled exercises tailored specifically to the needs of vision-impaired individuals and seniors and are designed to help improve circulation, balance and flexibility.

  • Assistive Products
    • The Assistive Technology Center and Store carries a wide range of aids for blind and visually impaired individuals, including magnifiers, kitchen aids, writing guides, desktop and portable magnifiers, accessible computer software, and talking watches and clocks.

  • Low Vision Services
    • Comprehensive low vision evaluations with a low vision rehabilitation residency-trained optometrist to determine appropriate low vision aids (magnifiers, microscopes, spectacle-mounted or monocular telescopes, prisms for visual field awareness, filters, electronic magnification devices, etc.), training, and other vision rehabilitation services. Low vision training (including but not limited to instruction in eccentric viewing, visual scanning, and/or use of low vision aids) with an occupational therapist with specialized training in low vision rehabilitation

  • Braille and Reading Instruction
    • Offers instruction in Braille