Lions Low Vision Center of Texas

General Information

Lions Low Vision Center of Texas
8403 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229
(210) 567 8600

Brief Description

The Lions Low Vision Center of Texas provides a multidisciplinary approach to low vision rehabilitation. Services at the LLVC are provided by low vision optometrist and occupational therapist who collaborate with community organizations to provide a comprehensive and quality low vision rehabilitation service. Individuals whose vision cannot be corrected by traditional means, such as eyeglasses or surgery, may benefit from low vision rehabilitation services and devices to make the most of the vision they have.

Services Offered

  • Low Vision Services
    • Provides low vision evaluation and follow-up. Prescribes and supplies low vision devices. Evaluates low vision devices, rehabilitation services for reading, driving and activities of daily living.

  • Assessment
    • Offers low vision evaluations as well as occupational therapy assessment. Reading, driving and ability to perform activities of daily living will be assessed by an occupational therapist.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Offers training in the use of low vision devices, reading, driving, and activities of daily living.