William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center

General Information

William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center
Pennsylvania College of Optometry
The Eye Institute
1200 West Godfrey Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141
(215) 276 6060

Brief Description

The Feinbloom Center's interdisciplinary staff is made up of optometrists, social workers, and certified low vision specialists. The interdisciplinary team develops low vision strategies that help patients with visual impairment to achieve goals such as reading, identifying street signs and bus numbers, watching television, managing household and job-related tasks, and keeping up with school work.


Sarah Appel, Chief of Low Vision Services, sarah@salus.edu

Marcy Graboyes, Coordinator of Social Services, mgrayboyes@salus.edu, 215 276 6067

Services Offered

  • Counseling
    • Social service staff assists clients and their families.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Provides rehabilitation teaching, orientation and mobility services.

  • Low Vision Services
    • Provides low vision evaluation and follow-up. Prescribes and supplies low vision devices.

  • Travel/Orientation and Mobility
    • Provides orientation and mobility training.

  • Support Groups
    • Holds monthly older-adult support group meetings.

  • Health
    • Provides comprehensive vision and ocular health evaluations.

  • Information and Referral
    • Offers referral to agencies that offer assistance in obtaining adaptive equipment and rehabilitative services.