Blindconnect, Inc.

General Information

Blindconnect, Inc.
5165 W Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 631 9009

Brief Description

Blindconnect is a grass-roots organization that collaborates with public and private agencies to assure the broadest opportunities for those with vision loss.

Blindconnect provides information, referral, and peer support to blind and visually impaired adults. Services are available to those of transition age (14-22) as well.


Jean Peyton, President

Franchesca Sorianno, Treasurer

Services Offered

  • Consultation/Technical Program Assistance
    • Provides referrals to adaptive program providers and connects consumers with trainers who can provide training in the client's home or at the Blindconnect office. Also refers to local computer companies familiar with adaptive equipment.

  • Counseling
    • Offers weekly peer support group. Fridays from 9:0-10:45am for adults age 19 and over. No fee. Focus on issues related to vision loss.

  • Information and Referral
    • Provides information and referral to blind adults, their families, and their employers. Serves as a resource in the community for those seeking information about blindness and reasonable accommodations.

  • Community Outreach Programs
    • Collaborates with the Division for Aging, senior programs offered by local government entities, and care facilities to provide information about blindness. Refers persons to available services. Participates in health, neighborhood, and senior fairs.

  • Travel/Orientation and Mobility
    • Offers O&M training as part of 90-hour blindness skills training prrogram called Transition2 for those who are legally blind aged 22-55.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Transition2 is an intensive person-centered 90-hour bliindness skills taining program currently (2013-14) for those who are legally blind aged 22-55. Training includes Daily Living skills, Orientation and Mobility, technology, personal care, coping and adjustment, communication and advocacy, and Braille.