Bronx Independent Living Services

General Information

Bronx Independent Living Services
4419 3rd Avenue
Bronx New York 1 10457
(718) 515 2800

Brief Description

Non-profit, community based advocacy and resource center for people with disabilities who live in the Bronx. BILS’ staff and Board of Directors consist primarily of people with disabilities. Our services are provided through a peer counselor approach to people of all ages. BILS is not a residential program and does not duplicate services offered by other organizations and agencies. Instead, BILS provides services and assistance which can aid the individual in fulfilling his or her own potential. Believing that people with disabilities are fully capable of leading full and productive lives, BILS encourages everyone to become active here in the community. Our philosophy is based on the belief that people with disabilities can and should make their own decisions and take control of the issues that affect their lives. From helping to devise simple, practical aids for everyday living to assistance to negotiating the maze of bureaucracy, BILS strives to make individuals aware of the range of opportunities, and programs available to them and to which they are entitled. BILS’ emphasis is on educating people about their civil and human rights and providing access to the tools and means necessary to insure those rights. This breaks with the traditional rehabilitation approach that people with disabilities need to be taken care of. Since our beginning in 1983, BILS has assisted people with disabilities by demonstrating ways of breaking down the barriers that have “handicapped” them. We plan strategies around obstacles, encourage individuals to find and try alternatives, and share the solutions that have worked for others. Counselors who are fluent in Spanish are available.


Brett Eisenberg., Executive Director ,

Services Offered

  • Advocacy
    • BILS insures the rights of disable individuals: Consumers complaints, Appeals and Hearings.

  • Consultation/Technical Program Assistance
    • Offers a fully customizable Disability Etiquette training curriculum that can be used to heighten disability awareness in the workplace.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Offers independent living skills training, such as budgeting, meal preparation, arranging transportation, or personal assistance services, job seeking, and self-advocacy.

  • Financial Assistance
    • BILS advise in Social Security Benefits, Food Stamps, Emergency assistant program, Medicaid/Medicare, Public assistants, and Work Incentive programs

  • Housing Services
    • BILS provides Housing referrals, Eviction prevention, tenant's rights, Emergency shelter referrals

  • Information and Referral
    • BILS provides Community Services, Legal services resources, and Public events

  • Support Groups
    • BILS offers Peer Counseling